san cristobal Highlands

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Day 01

san cristobal Highlands

Today you’ll explore the highlands of San Cristobal! A private truck will deposit you at the base of a tall hill, surrounded by endemic miconia and mist. At the top, among the fog, you’ll see the only freshwater lagoon in Galapagos. Enjoy the vegetation by hiking along the brim of the crater. Next, we’ll visit the Giant Tortoise Breeding Center, get up close and personal with these iconic gentle giants. Finally, continue on to the “postcard” beach of Puerto Chino. A short walk along a paved trail winds you through opuntia cactus to a gorgeous white-sandy beach, perfect for a swim.

Return to town and enjoy a traditional lunch, then we’re off to Loberia beach. Swim if you’d like, or continue hiking to the rocky cliffs to observe the marine birds making their nests there. We’ll return to town in time for the sunset at the boardwalk bars.