This archipelago is famous for its flora and fauna unique to the world, with more than 26 endemic species that include: finches, giant tortoises, marine iguanas, penguins, Galapagos sharks, and more!

It is in this unique part of the world where you can see these animals in such close proximity while in their natural habitat. That these amazing creatures are living in harmony with the local population has turned Galapagos into one of the most dreamed of destinations of the world!

Discover the flora and fauna that is home to Galapagos while scuba-diving, paddling on ocean kayaks, peaceful nature walks, pristine camping, graceful snorkeling, downhill biking, and other activities that offer you the opportunity to observe these wonders of nature.

Galapagos is known not only for its species but also for the variety of activities available just a short distance from the town centers.


• Brand new airport located only 5 minutes from town
• Daily interactions between nature and human
• The only island with potable drinking water systems
• A variety of ecosystems with easy visitor access (flora and fauna unique to the world)
• The only island that treats 100% of its solid waste and residual waters
• Coverage of 50% of the service-based energy sources renewable (wind and solar)
• A safe community with protection from the ECU911 system
• Accessible prices of products and services
• Modern hospital and emergency response services.
• Flag system for safe beaches

Additionally, there are a variety of activities in the protected areas as well as the populated regions:

• One of the best dive sites in Galapagos, Leon Dormido (Sleeping Lion)
• Favorable oceanographic conditions for sea kayaking
• San Cristobal is considered to have some of the best surf waves of Galapagos
• Visitor sites suitable for camping in areas within the Galapagos National Park
• Bike lanes that allow easy access between visitor sites
• Visitor sites with trail suitable for nature walks

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