Custom Programs

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Custom Programs

Can not find the perfect trip for you? Contact us to build a program to your liking. Choose the destinations, activities and category of your trip, so that the trip suits you and your needs.
“Islanders were professional, kind, helpful, and really want their customers to have a safe and remarkable experience.”

Exclusivity Tours (VIP)
If your trip is to celebrate your honeymoon, anniversary, birthday or other special occasion, let us surprise you with an exceptional tour. With our great attention, we offer exclusivity with the best hotels, private excursions, and personalized details to make your trip unforgettable.

Tours for Families
San Cristobal Island is ideal for a vacation trip with your family, with beaches near the port, places to snorkel with fish, turtles, it is perfect for children! A walk through the bay in kayak watching birds and sea lions that are the charm of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno and a tour of the agricultural area of ​​the island. Without a doubt, the children and you will have fun and enjoy an exciting family outing.

Tours for Students
Our programs aimed at students of different ages, have a focus on the care and conservation of our Islands, so we invite you to collaborate directly in reforestation activities in areas of the agricultural area in order to restore the native biodiversity of Galapagos . This great opportunity to feel in harmony with nature will fill you with enormous satisfaction.